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An inspirational love list that I curated a long time ago: OKB- my baby, my sista LaLa, Seth my son from anotha Motha, mom *Christa and father *Bill Drescher aka the record producer extraordinaire (okay google him), Indie Ryan my pup, Rilo, gold glitter, Local Natives, broken Bells, fleet foxes, all of my fabulous friends, French Navy, Palm Springs, old town SD, samo, the ace LA (It's so far my fave out of all of them) palm springs Duh, pioneer town, grey gardens, cactus, big bear, the viceroy, the parker, Saguaro, cadillac Margaritas with mostly tequila, easy rider- movie, broncos, Lambrusco, moscato, brooklyn, dinosaur barbecue, south street sea port (when it was), the Packing House, Snowboarding all day long, orange daisies, EVER, the Grand Budapest Hotel, Beautycon, sunflowers, gidget, motorcycles, museums, BeautyCon, positive people, moscato, any other name, art galleries in C town with mom, ll buco, peels, the bowery, mini market on amsterdam, pianos, beacons closet, cookie dough, The Sunny Spot16 handles, Bacon bourbons, Bar 82, Grandma Sulie,The Ojai Rancho Inn, Culver Hotel, My 3 besties Barbara Jane Weber + Megan Rollins + Allison KochChildish GambinoPie hole, the flower mart, the Mermaid inn, AUSTIN, The Saguaro, halloween, the pumpkin patch in Ojai, Panchos, Playa Provisions,  carmines, wood spoon, having fun, being a buyer, Profresh Stylethe Standard, Pink hair, magic, Lulu, crude rap, nail polish, Marc Jacobs, all of my Boys in NY, pop bar, Traveling, movies at the graveyard, The GOODLAND SB, mammoth, makeup forever, paradise bowls, hiking, spotted pig, banana split ice cream, the Nugget, bddw on crosby, DE VERA, alana's car rides, Eatalian cafe, palos verdes, casinos, roscos, Stella Barra cookies, Augusto,Checkered Vans, Bar 9, A-Frame, going to the mart, my NY friends, crystal cove beach, Photoshop, LOVE, garbage, Snow boarding, atlantic city, sal and carmines pizza, Acrylics, edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, the lost boys, the coco helado on the streets of new york, poketo, Pianos l.e.s, the brooklyn courthouse,  Watts towers, Big Daddy's, the Ace DTLA, Korean bell friendship park, Pizza, rollerskating, Milky chance stollen dance, Pastels, Tina Miyakawathe LA arts district, Justin + omar, the hello kitty exhibit, painting, san onofre, working por los bebes, scReen printing on my Graphic printer, RAK, july, raquel allegra, Listening to anything and everyThing, bear, topanga Canyon, obs, admiral risty pv, wurstkuche, the gargoyle house, music studios with dad, glen ivy on weekdays, long hair, CONCERTS, Olive + Meredith, Isabel Marant, Megan and Andrew, dRiving, going to the Market, grass, Lighting- any type: chandaliers, day light, night bright, LINO, cage lights, mushroom lights, you name it. writing, Surf Bar, the meatball shop, Vincent, Jenny LewisJonathan Adler, eggs, pineapple, rogers garden, mexico, kitties, tatoos, dancing, ridding my bicycle, lola my boxer, el adobe, records, Strawberries, army, Catalina and the Zane Grey Hotel, antique stores, 26th beach cafe, wild hearts can't be broken, tyler rose bikinis, Stone my pit bull fabric stores, The Cliff House, leather, jumping in the car with mom- going on any and every adventure, horses, australia, atmosphere, ABC carpet ny, planning any party, gaga, fisher eddies, rickys, hometown fair, ginger scones, mexican food, my F21 crew forever, the dive bar, visiting nicky in san fran, San O, goiNg to the Shake Shack in laguna on the cliff, cute chrismas Ornaments, Navy grogs, canada, wildfox, painting, drawing, fifty fifty melted Bars, cheese, Santa Barbara with Indie, the agave y presidio, the mondrian, bike riding on the hudson, Owls, san ysidero ranch, listening to dad play guitar, tupac, fires in the backyard,  Tiana, The XX and Biggie remix (FAVE), blondes, daisy chains, leather, docs, swimming, Taking pictures, the Brig, door knocker earrings, neighbors, camping, The Baby store with my lovelies, ojai, flannels, biggie, mint lemonade, spin class with la, Rollerskating, napping in my LOFT, Baking heart shape cAkes, james beach, hotel erwin, cupcake cafe, haunted houses, NEW YORK, black eye Liner, Mari- nails, surfing with dAd, blue mascara, hello beautiful, mermaids, shreading tees, boys, the lab (anti mall), gypsey den, Maos, Xmas at the Ace, vegas for work and then play, One Republic, Bangs, the edison, grilled cheese truck, billabong fashion shows, Kings of Leon, M.I.A. visiting Stina! God papa Joe, Beck, FAshion, sex and The city, converse, 9th place tiki house, my cabin, teen vogue, dr dre, laughing, True Romance- the movie, romance, CAT power, Tina, redwood bar, my heart beat gold record- on Rick Springfield's album, big foot west, old fields, the Beehive, carrots and humus, the hUdson house, Black, sweet rose creamery, lace doc Martens, pinback-These old shoes, magnolia bakery, bone thugs, saints and sinners, the V magazine, Huck, the purple Orchid, San Juan capistrano, pizza, banana split ice cream, the backyard, Lala's music, cute piers, la cita, The wood spoon, mangos, wrights, Spumoni, farmers market, big Sur, the Madonna Inn, Horseback riding, Dottie, swimming at the Lake in Santa Barbara and drinking cheap wine, uNo, taco tuesday, the jane, the rusty knot, obs, the nowhere bar, cabo, Flea Markets, sunglasses, decorating, laYing in the sun, haystacks, fourth in long beach, venice, turquoise, zenie, animals, cranberry turkey sandwiches, dresses, coconut water, bicycles, baby Olive, collecting great furniture, pink christmas trees, deers, rosaries, making pottery, fringe, farmers market at the grove, the other room, opening ceremony, red lipstick, and rainbows. always.