Dear OKB, 

Your first word was "pretty" in The Last Book Store. You went on about how "pretty" my hair is (thank you for bringing an even bigger smile to my face). The first time I rode you up the hill on my bike you blurted out "good job Mommy!"

You walked on your very first Birthday. We were sitting on our grass hill in Torrance, while you were covered in chocolate cake. Everyone backed up so you wouldn't cover us in chocolate. You were furious when no one wanted to hold you, so you got up and starting screaming and crying while walking towards us. Seth yells, "Momo take a picture Owyn's a walking baby!" 

When you were two, instead of saying that you were in fact, two. You'd reply "2 Birthdays." If I'd call you baby, you'd insist "I'm not a baby, I'm just Owyn."

You used to sing with Alana "get up, stand up" -Bob Marley. Instead, you'd say "get up, stand up, stand up for yourself." 

On February 24th 2015 you had your first vivid dream about a tiger, and you're still talking about it! I'm so sorry that it was that real.

Your brother Seth is comical, we were driving one day to school and an Ariana Grande song came on. He questioned why I'm not fond of her, he then tells me that she has the best legs he's ever seen. When we got to school, Seth introduced me to his girl friend. As we walked away he said "I have more girlfriends, they like me because of my eyes."

You and your brother are comical, intellectual, and crazy in the best way! I can't wait to see the big boys that you both grow to be. I'm so lucky to say that I'm your Mother.